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Reserva Ltda - 2007 -  75cl
Reserva Ltda - 2007 -  75cl

Reserva Ltda - 2007 - 75cl

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 G r e n a c h e   -   C a r i g n a n   -     S y r a h   -     M e r l o t   -                                      C a b e r n e t   S a u v i g n o n

Mastering old vineyards, different terroir’s and grape varieties with an ancestral vinification and the art of blending by the renowned René Barbier.

Charming and surprisingly accessible: Everybody’s darling. Bringing to the world a wine with a spectacular drinking maturity that will continue to age beautifully.



Dark ruby ​​with a few brick-red shimmers.


A broad spectrum of aromas which can be found in an elaborate Bordeaux. Immediate hints of leather and tobacco, followed by an explosion of aromas such as blackcurrant, plum, blackberry and roasted nuts 


 A lady dressed up according to all the unwritten rules of art. A polished mouthfeel filled with superbly layered spices, impeccably integrated tannins and complex with fine density, exceptional harmony and length.


Controlled fermentation in 50 hectolitre barrels. Long maceration with frequent cap plunging and pumping to achieve the optimal extraction.


First ageing for 22 months in 330 litre French oak barrels, followed by a second aging process in the bottle for no less than 6 years in our winery.

  Food Pairing

Sirloin Steak - Meaty Asian Spicy Food - Mediterranean Cuisine - Game - Iberian Ham - Cheese and Chocolate.


                  Keeping                                Awards


             10 - 30 years                92 Point Decanter & Guia Penin